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Village volterra

Velathri therefore came called the city when it has been founded fromthe Etruschi in the WAYS century a.C., had a building perimeter of beyond seven kilometers leaving presupposing the students who beyond to the city, to the inside were also of lands cultivate to you. This last, they were not other that rising of food supply in the periods in which there were of you besiege much long. The city acquired with the years much importance much to become one of the twelve lucomonie of the Etruscan nation. Its territory was much extending from the Hung river arrived until the Tyrrhenian one and from the Arno it succeeded in to catch up goes it them of the river Cornia , this wide territory therefore divenne an optimal strategic base. The economic aspect of this territory is changed in the years, in fact a time the only source of commerce was the extraction of copper, alum, the alabaster and of it knows them, that then they came consequently works to you in the volterrane manufactures. Today some of these activities remain like tradition, as an example the small artisan companies that work the alabaster, but many are also the innovations, therefore the first industries of metal and mechanics and those of chemistry. Tutt' today of the first sources of yield of the country is sure the tourism, attracted not only from the millenarian history of the same city, but also for the three museali buildings that are found in it

Alcune località vicine a Cecina sono:
Bibbona, Castagneto Carducci, Cecina, Donoratico, Livorno, Massa Marittima, San Vincenzo, Volterra,

Village Club Cecina
Village Club Cecina
Village Club Cecina

Village Club Cecina


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