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Village bibbona

Bibbona, singular village situated on hills of the livornese campaign , conserve still today the aspect of the medioevale village : the plant urban planning is in fact composed from a series of circles concentrates to us , connects to you between they from tightened alleys and perrons .Beyond to its artistic and historical beauties , it gets passionate it you of the nature will be able to find, to little kilometers, the national park Spot of the Magona : a green sea that extends for beyond 1600 hectares. The forest of the Spot of the Magona is visitabile thanks to numerous distances and paths: 16 routes totally allow of immergesi in the wonders of the territory thanks to excursions on foot, horse and in mountan-bike. The Spot of the Magona represents an optimal numerous habitat for species animals: here they live in fact, wild boars , caprioli , daini , mufloni , lepri , vixens, istrici , rates , scoiattoli andmartore. They make pause many migratory birds you like the woodcock , colombaccio and the poiana Intorno to the Fort of the ' 700 , constructed on the sea in order to defend the zone from the incursions of the pirati ones, it is risen and one of the tourist localities more appreciated of the Coast of the Etruschi has been developed: Navy of Bibbona , beautiful and attended bathing locality with splendid pineta and a Medicea Fortress from which it takes the name.

To Navy of Bibbona, bathed from a crystalline sea , one folta pineta allonge on the beach, inviting itself in all the seasons, to long walks on foot, in bicycle and to horse.

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Village Club Cecina
Village Club Cecina
Village Club Cecina

Village Club Cecina


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